No more worry about Cost and Quality

Standard Maintenance

Calculate cost using price chart, no hidden game. Enjoy warranty for parts/services. What else do you need?

Never miss a Maintenance work

Service Calendar

Build Maintenance schedule as you like, and relax. We will take care of everything, round the year.

Drive anywhere in Peace

Roadside Assistance

In case there is any trouble, tap Zantrik App or give us a call. Help will reach in no time!

Optimize your Business fleet

Running a business? Use Zantrik Fleet to reduce cost up to 60% with our unique Subscription plan

Enjoy all services in one place

From wash till engine change, you get everything

Artificial Intelligence solutions

Enjoy an experience beyond boundary

Digital Refuel

Verifies every refueling amount done by your driver.

Digital Driver

Alarms your sleepy driver, reduces road accidents.

Zantrik AutoBot

Chat with our AI Chatbot to get a troubleshooting help

Some recognitions

Local & International